A Zeitgeist Webcast Tonight

Yep, it's me!

I just thought I’d add this little news update. I don’t know if you remember or if you were even here when I mentioned the Zeitgeist movement stuff?? Maybe I didn’t mention it here?? In any event, I have a little news update on a meeting/talk. 

There is going to be a meeting tonight in Venice, CA. It’s probably full by now to actually attend in person (you needed to RSVP) but…they are going to webcast the meeting live if you are interested. Peter Joseph is scheduled to be the speaker/host for this event.

The Zeitgeist Webcast Infomation:

Date: June 21, 2011
Time: 7 to 9pm PST
Streaming live broadcast: Click for webcast
Or watch from my live broadcasting page: Click here.

I’m looking forward to hearing what’s new since I’ve heard that Jacque Fresco (The Venus Project) and Peter Joseph (The Zeitgeist Movement & *The Zeitgeist Movies) have split ways!

I am planning on being be at the live webcast so I should have lots to write about tomorrow…or not…

*You can go to the Zeitgeist Movie link above and download or watch all the Zeitgeist movies for free!
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My thoughts on the Resigning Weiner

Yep, it's me!

I’m feeling such a loss today at the news of Anthony Weiner’s resignation.  We have really lost a pitbull of a voice for the people.  As most of us (if not all of us) have seen the man is packing some mighty power…probably why the other “dogs in the fight” went after him…jealous of his power??

With that thought being said and a loud groan heard from the peanut gallery, I have to say that I just don’t see what was so terrible about what happened.  He didn’t have a “love child”.  He wasn’t caught tapping his foot in an airport restroom stall.  There is no “stained dress”.  There was some cyber sex talk in text (most likely typed one handed) and some pictures.  Big deal!  What he was doing does NOT effect his job nor does it effect my life in any way.  His impact in the Congress did.  His presence in Congress had a positive effect on me, giving hope, albeit false hope, that once again there might be a voice for the people.

I guess Mr. Weiner just couldn’t handle his “fame” so had to sabatoge himself??  It is well known that there are people that will distroy themselves long before someone else has the chance.  I’m thinking a bit of the fear of success might be at work here, since it is leaking that he KNEW he was being watched for this cyber play.  I wish he would have rode the storm on this one and NOT resigned!  I’m just sick about the scandal since I really don’t see what the big deal is and the man is stepping down.  What a loss…

We will probably see him as the Mayor of New York in the near future…or not…

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More Dentist Chatter

Yep, it's me!

Another bit of “Daily Chatter” about my dental progress. I went back to the new dentist yesterday! Things are moving along nicely. I’ll be SO happy when all this dental reconstruction stuff is out of the way. I told my dentist that as much as I’m enjoying the weekly visits, I’m really looking forward to this nightmare to be behind me.

Not only has it been nearly a year (in July) since this journey of getting this all sorted out started, but it’s been a painful year! I’ll be glad when all the pain is over and I don’t have to “fuss” with my teeth anymore! Won’t be long now and I’ll be going back to just having to brush, floss, and have regular cleanings! Terrible dentists can get you in a terrible way and there is no way of knowing until you reach that all consuming feeling that things have reached the point of no return as pain and health problems begin to creep in!  Can you imagine…when the new dentist removed two of the old crowns, (nearly 6 years old), I had green mold in them!?  No wonder I haven’t been feeling too great for a LONG time! 

I have been through a LOT in just this last year with all of this dental work. All that time and fuss with that nasty plastic orthodic that didn’t work (and was pure torture), to the recent gum surgery and getting my jaw put back in place after all the tensing garbage.

The tensing, (pronounced ten-zing) in case you don’t know what it is, is where you are hooked up to electrodes stuck to your face and neck.  Then you are connected to a machine that sends electrical pulses into your jaw muscles completing the circuit at the back of your neck.  I did that once/twice a month for an hour or two each visit!  The idea is that by doing that, the muscles will relax and allow the movements to take place with the orthotic being used to aid the resetting of the bite. This always seemed like there was something wrong with any procedure that would send electrical current into your body like that, but, I figured I’ll try the “modern medicine”, thinking there has to be something new out there that I don’t know about that just might work!  I see really cool things on YT channels like TED about many medical breakthroughs and amazing new discoveries along with all kinds of interesting new things!*  I had the first dentist for almost a year and it was a nightmarish experience, that I’m happy to report, I have awaken from. 

When this dental drama is all over, I’ll have to take a picture and post it of me doing the happy dance celebrating!  I’ve read they are growing new teeth these days.  Hmmmm…that just might be my next trick…or not…

 *If you don’t know about TED, Technology, Entertainment, and Design, check them out! You’ll be happy you did! Click here for their YouTube channel and click here for their website.
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The Barely Walking Wounded

Yep, it's me!

I’m back again with another little update.  I bet you are doing the happy dance now, aren’t you?

Where do I begin.  That reminded me of the song from “Love Story”, but I digress.  Moving right along…  I’ve been busy trying to get a new idea I have off the ground and helping a friend get an idea of hers off the ground, so a lot of busy web building stuff.  Not only busy web building stuff, but updating things around here so I will be able to see if I can get my idea to fly!  I’ll let you know more about it when I get closer to launching the idea.  Your feedback is always valued so I will be wanting to hear from you!

As you know from previous posts, I’ve been busy with the dentist.  The old dentist still hasn’t replied to my letter and my request for a refund.  I’ll let you know when/if I get that all sorted.  I really like my new dentist a lot, but I will be extremely happy when this is all over!

I am barely walking these days!  I had the carpets cleaned and while I was putting furniture back, I hit my big toe just right and bent my toenail back.  It broke half way down in the nailbed, so I’m hobbling around these days.  I wonder how long this is going to take to grow back out?  I’m thinking months.  I’d go to the doctor to see, but the last doctor visit, (WITH my expensive private health insurance) cost me $1,200 (allergy doctor), and the visit before that, $2,200 (cyst), so I can’t afford to go!!!  I need to do a rant on that one day!

I am the barely walking wounded these days!  I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but I have to mention it and complain a little to someone about it, so…once again…do you feel a happy dance coming on?  I am wounded from the top of my head to the tip of my toe, literally!  There is something going on with my right eye, two of my temporary crowns on my teeth have come off, and the toenail bit.  It’s a good thing that I can sit with my foot up and work on websites!  It helps to take my mind off the pain.  (Well that and a couple of Advil with a wine or beer chaser).

Speaking of websites, do you like the changes around here?  I’m not completely done with it, but it’s a start.  The last template I was using has some problems and I couldn’t find it in the code to fix it, so went with this template since it is MUCH easier to customize with a LOT less code writing.  I think I will keep it…or not…

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Stop the Machine! Create a New World!

Yep, it's me!

Here I am again!  I was just watching a YouTube video where I heard about this protest, “Stop the Machine! Create a New World!”  The event is set to occur on October 6th, 2011 in Washington, D.C., in Freedom Plaza.  I’m working on taking the pledge to be there.  I hope you do too and are able to join with the many who have already taken the pledge! 

If you would like more information, please click on the either of the two pictures below.  They will take you to the site that will have all the information you are looking for.

It’s past due for the people of the United States to join the rest of the waking world, stand up, and “Stop the Machine”!  I hope something works out soon for all of humanity or I’m afraid we will go the way of the dinosaurs!

I will be trying to find spare pennies now and start saving up to be a part of this history!  We could all be a part of history and save ourselves…or not…

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