Another Trip Completed

Yep, it's me!

Yes…I did it! I completed yet another trip around the sun! 53 trips now. That can’t be right? That just doesn’t look right seeing that in black and white!  Yikes!!  Surely that’s a typo?? Should be 35! Ok…35 it is. See, denial can be a good thing, since I feel much better now about the trips!

The day has begun with coffee and reading all the birthday wishes on Facebook and a couple at YouTube. Now I know where everyone went…they went to Facebook! Too much tracking of EVERYTHING on Facebook so I stay away. I prefer my false sense of controling my privacy here. There I go again…on my own little tangent. Now where was I? Oh yeah…the beginning of the day…

I was drinking coffee reading the comments, when the thought crossed my mind and reminded me that I was waiting for this day to go and pick my apricots!  I was thinking it was going to be a great Birthday present from Nature for all my hard work taking care of them.  They were getting so big…still green, but some orange starting to sneak in.  I went outside to look at the apricots yesterday, and to my dismay, not a ONE was left on the tree! Not like last year’s masacre, “Spring Into Summer – The Fruit Trees”, but NOTHING was left! It’s like someone or something came and picked every last one of them and took them away! Not a trace!

I’ve been keeping watch trying to figure out what/who got those apricots, literally, the fruits of my labors! (By the way, the birds got the peaches again this year. Between the extremely high winds snapping off branches and the birds, I got 3 peaches. *sigh* I give up!)  Moving right along…I saw a covey of baby quail on the back patio, so I grabbed my camera and was rushing to get to a window where I could have a clear shot without scaring them and avoiding the abupt ending of them taking flight.  I wanted to see if they were going after the LAST of my crops out there, which is a tomato plant with about 10 tomatoes on it ripening!  In my haste, I hit a piece of ply wood, (that is under the tomato plant that won’t go outside due to it’s love for the cactus…another LONG story), and scraped the skin off top of my foot!  Needless to say…the covey of quail heard my scream and flew off.  I missed the shot and now I have a bruised and bleeding scrape on the top of my foot!  I’d insert a picture here, but it’s not pretty!  Another band-aid and wound for me to doctor…

It is now just a little after 8 in the morning and I’m a wreck!  No toenail on one foot, now this on the other!  I’m going to take two advil, go back to bed, pull the covers over my head for awhile and get a new start to this day a little later…or not…

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