Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I always miss writing over here!  I’m thinking I should probably just throw all things to the side every few days or so, and get over here and write while I’m still on this earth.  Who knows, one day this blog might be important to someone.  Nah…won’t happen, but it’s fun to dream…

As this Halloween draws near, I can’t help but remember the fun of All Hallows Eves of my past! Halloween was ALWAYS my favorite Holiday. It was the only Holiday that I felt was just for me, (as not even my birthday was) and I always approached it with the intent of complete self-indulgence.  It was the one day that I felt I could be anyone I wanted to be…which was, to me, a time to show another side of who I am that most don’t see!  I don’t think they realized what I was doing, but no matter to me…I had a BLAST!

In the old days, I didn’t have a dime, so all my costumes were some odd creation of what I was thinking about at the time using whatever I could find to create it.  Regretfully, I didn’t have a camera and film back then so I don’t have any pictures of those lash ups!  (Or anything else of those years.)  I don’t miss those days of having to develop film! The digital days are much better…cheaper and instant…but I digress!

Not much going on this year where I live. Even the little watering hole I’ve stopped at from time to time is doing nothing. Saddens me that no places in town are doing anything fun for the Holiday. I’d have a party, but I don’t have anyone to invite up here, so…I guess I am doing nothing.  Is this part of getting older?  This getting older stuff REALLY sucks! Where did everyone go?  Nevermind.  I know where they went.  That’s the other part of getting old that sucks, people die and people move away.  Oops…there I go again getting off track.

I’m thankful and grateful that I had Marc and Jim to play with this year to create The Halloween Visit.  I do hope everyone who reads this goes to see it.  (Just click the link.)  It’s not your typical Halloween video, as The Gallowravens are not your typical Vampires!  The making of this video is my highlight for this year’s celebrations.  It took months of planning to finally get to the filming part and then to the part I do it all for…the editing.  Things never go as planned for me, so, I didn’t have nearly as much time as I would have liked to have to been able perfect some of the effects, however, I think it turned out quite wonderful.  There were some things that definitely worked out well.  As a whole, I am very proud of the work we ALL did on this.  Working with Marc and Jim was a lot of fun and helped to keep things moving forward.

Marc did a wonderful job as Dementor yet again, and he also created a little trailer for us to help get people over to my channel to see it.  People don’t like me nearly as much as they like MarcThey ADORE him, as do I. Here is his trailer video, “Blood Relation (Story of Three Vampires – Trailer)” if you would like to see that too.  I know you will read this, Marc, so I want to add a special thank you, brother, for all your love, help, and support in all things and especially in these slightly insane things…ha!  I know how difficult it was for you with your moving and upcoming retirement planning, and as if that wasn’t enough, you were sick when you shot your part.  You are a true STAR!

Jim Westmoreland, (yes, the actor who started his career as Rad Fulton) did a wonderful job as Demented.  I hope to learn about acting from him since I know nothing and just wing it…poorly!  I feel very honored that he joined in the fun with Marc and I.  Jim and I do laugh a lot together and this video shoot was no exception.  It added another level to laughter which you will probably see in the outtakes (bloopers) at the end of the video.  If you are reading this Jim, THANK YOU again!  I am looking forward to getting started on the next project!

I did a couple of dress rehearsals for me, as I wasn’t sure what look I wanted.  I think I chose the best look for Dementia this year.  The red and black wig I had planned on using in the beginning, I thought, made me look more like a Geisha Girl!  It was probably due to the flash hitting that make-up just right and making my face look so white.

I also wanted to decide on a “look” that worked, while getting a bit of practice at it, so it wouldn’t take me forever to get ready.  I ended up with the look I had in the video, which took me 2 1/2 hours to do.  That’s counting shower, make up, costume, jewelery, and wig just for me!  Then it was a few more hours getting Jim ready.  I think all the time and effort was worth it for “The Gallowraven” look.  What do you think?

I suppose I could drive an hour or so down the mountain to find a place to go, but, that just doesn’t seem like the best plan, so I will be staying home.  I used to enjoy handing candy out to the kids, seeing their costumes, and talking with them when I wasn’t out and about.  Sadly, no kids around the neighborhood anymore.  They’ve all grown and moved away.

I am left asking myself what I should do.  Should I do anything?  Most likely not.  Maybe I will just dig out all the pictures of the Halloweens gone by, have a few drinks in celebration, and remember all the people and places I have celebrated with, along with remembering the spooky, (good and bad), decor of the places I celebrated at…or not…



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